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January 2017, Honshu island, from Tokyo to Hakuba

Exploring Tokyo give you a great perspective of the Japanese culture

People are so friendly there, you feel completely safe in such a big city. 

We did a road trip around the Japanese Alpes, from Nosawa onsen to Hakuba Valley, including a stop to see the snow monkey. 

Both islands are really different, in term of skiing and mountains. The only thing who stay the same is the famous Japow ! 

January 2016, Hokkaido island

First time in Japan was so different from what I experienced before.
The culture, toilets and food was the opposite of Europe culture. 
People were so shy, friendly and 
helpful. Langage barrier was the only issue as they will try everything to make you happy ! 

With Pierre and Julien (Ubac Image) we went to the classic Niseko and drove around to find more authentic ski resorts while stopping on the road to jump over the fences. 



April 2016, FWQ and trip to Lyngen's alps

Roldal, Norway

It is the start of the FWQ season 2016-2017, this competition count for the qualification of next year.

Sick venue and speaker,

I found back the poduim by wining my first 4* event.

During the final run I broke my hand, I will rest and recover for two months. Find my POV of my 2 runs bellow 

After the competiton I flew to tromso to film with some old friends. Enjoy the video of our week in Lyngen. Norway has amazing landscape !

New Zealand

Summer 2016

This summer I went back to New Zealand for more kiwi's experiences.
This time, compare to my last 3 trips in NZ, I was not teaching, only skiing for myself.

Joined by Elise, Birgit, Théo and Yann we went road tripping through the famous club fields. With only ropes as lift, we had to learn how to use the nutcracker and hike around. 
We had such a good crew and time. Have fun watching ! 

Summer 2015

Addicted to snow, I spent the last 3 European Summer's in New Zealand. I didn't have a lot of choice for destinations, but have no regret, New Zealand is one on my favorite destination ! It was a ski season with a touch of the American Dream,  lots of free time to enjoy the back country by day, and parties by night (Queestown). The only difficult aspect was money- it was hard to save a penny!


This last summer, my friend Pierre Colonge (from Ubac Images) came over to make a video. We skied the well know big ski fields around Queenstown and Wanaka, and drove to the clubbies !

From Ohau to Mt Olympus, Craigieburn to Temple basin, Gravel roads to hikes, Hut nights, ... We had a blast


Have a look at the video of this amazing trip


May 2018

Sometime you win/Sometime you looseThe second ski trip of the 2018 winter was not as snowy, Iceland had a really dry winter. The snow conditions give us really nice contrast and the opportunity to explore the country, not only ski the whole time.

April 2015

With the Ubac Images Brothers (Julien & Pierre) we went free-touring in Iceland. From the forgotten Snaefellsnes area to the famous Trolls peninsula, Iceland offers endless possibilities of ski lines in spectacular sceneries. As in any Scandinavian saga, Trolls played their part. And when they get angry, it's time to go enjoy other aspects of this wonderful country...

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